Financial Coaching
that gives you hope and peace
so you stop worrying about where all your money went

Don’t end up wondering where all your money went!

Do you wonder at the end of the month where all your hard-earned money went? Are you buried in debt? Do you worry about being able to afford sending your kids to college, or afford retirement?
You’re not alone. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, most of which are not able to handle a $1,000 emergency without it causing some serious problems. Most Americans don’t know when, or even IF they can retire.
We are here to help, and give you hope and provide a proven plan to get you to “Financial Peace”

  • Get out of debt with a personalized plan
  • Handle money in relationships
  • Actually pay off student loans
  • Set up a monthly budget - and stick to it
  • Prepare to buy a home
  • Plan for retirement - and more!

Are you ready to take control of your finances, instead of letting them control you?

Join the thousands of people that have used our approach and methods to reach “Financial Peace”

How do we work?
  • 1
    We get to know you and your situation, and determine the best course of action.
  • 2
    We get together, either over the phone or in person, dive deep into your situation and formulate a plan.
  • 3
    We guide you through the execution of your plan, and follow-up to make sure you reach your goals.

A lot of people don’t realize the underlying stress and anxiety in their lives is caused by financial trouble and we can help people solve that


About Us

David and Sarah van Akkeren were a perfectly “normal” couple until debt began to cause them to drown in 2013. They got married in 1996, already burdened with tax debt, paying off a totaled vehicle, and personal debt to friends. In the course of their first 15 years of marriage, it was a cycle of paying off debt while incurring more debt in other areas. Car loans, RV loans, personal loans, credit cards, fertility treatments, and even borrowing money from parents for a down payment on a home. By the time David lost his job in 2010, and Sarah stepped down from full-time work as a store manager at Starbucks to care for their son, they were forced to live on credit cards for awhile – finding themselves over $80,000 in debt in 2013.

One of Sarah’s customers at Starbucks gave her a DVD with a clip from the Dave Ramsey show, and that was their introduction to the possibility of financial peace! They scraped together the money for a Financial Peace University home course, and found hope for the first time in 18 years that they might be able to one day be debt free. Despite set-backs of medical bills and ups and downs of self-employment, they finally achieved freedom from debt in 2017. Because of this new found freedom, they were able to fulfill a dream of living in Belgium for a couple years so that their son could get to know David’s family, as well as learn the language and culture there.

After leading several Financial Peace University classes together, Sarah began to form a dream of helping others even more through personal financial coaching, and was able to realize that dream by taking the classes for becoming a Financial Coach through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training course. They know what it means to feel helpless and hopeless, and they long to see others experience the same peace that they have found – and to help others reach their financial dreams as well.

What our customers are saying
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  • My husband Brooks started listening to Dave Ramsey and I finally began listening as well. We had been told by other financial coaches, that it was too late for us to start saving so late in our lives. We felt defeated, until we found Sarah Van Akkeren. She helped us plan a budget that we could stick to and we were able to start paying off debt. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our only regret, is that we did not find Sarah sooner. She has made an incredible difference in our lives and we will forever be grateful for her guidance. The tools she has given us to plan our financial future are invaluable. We will continue to work with Sarah until we can scream in unison, “We’re debt free”.
    Brooks and Kerry Kubo
    , Arizona
  • We sought Sarah's help to improve our financial position. She explained the debt snowball in a way that made sense to us. She helped us clarify our current financial position with a smart application of processes, tools, and personalized advise. We now have a clear plan of action to progress toward living well when we retire. We highly recommend Sarah and Green Akker Financial Coaching.
    Joseph & Catina
    Chandler, AZ
  • For years, money was a tense subject in our home, we grew up with such different belief systems about money, one with a scarcity-saver mindset and the other with a spend-it-all mindset. We tried it all, spending only cash, cash in envelopes, working within a weekly budget, reading numerous financial books, manually tracking expenses to no avail. We never really considered working with a financial coach, but figured it couldn't hurt. Working with Sarah completely changed how we communicate with one another about our finances. She helped us understand our 'why' and showed us how to work together toward a common financial goal. In 6 months working with Sarah, we now have zero consumer debt, 67% saved toward our emergency fund, and a plan for our finances. We are forever grateful for her knowledge, accountability, and guidance. We can't thank Sarah enough for helping us reach our goals!
    Chris & Renee
    Hendersonville, NC
Certified by Dave Ramsey
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a financial coach?
    A financial coach helps you create goals and actually stick with them so you’re not just dreaming about financial peace—you’re living it. Financial coaching is different from any other finance-related job. CPAs help you with your taxes. Financial advisors help you with investments. But financial coaches work with you to create a start-to-finish plan for your money and help keep you on track. Financial coaches often work with their clients over several sessions—focusing on anything from fine-tuning your budget to discovering your long-term goals to working through a real financial crisis. No matter the situation, financial coaches sit with you one on one (we call it “kneecap to kneecap”) to help you overcome the challenges that hold you back in your finances.
  • When should I work with a financial coach?
    That’s the great thing about a financial coach—they can help you in any situation! Maybe you’re up to your eyeballs in student loans or credit card debt, or you’re having money fights with your spouse. Or maybe you have big money goals—like saving to buy a house or setting yourself up for retirement—but no plan to achieve them. Regardless, a coach can meet you where you’re at and steer you in the right direction to win with your money.
  • How much does a financial coach cost?
    We offer a complimentary consultation that will help us determine if we are what you are looking for, or if we can refer you to one of our many affiliates. After your consultation you will have several options, based on your situation and goals. We have stand-alone sessions, session packages, as well as subscription based plans.
  • How do I pay for coaching when I’m broke?
    Coaching is meant to put money back in your pocket, not take it out. It’s the best way to help you develop the right money habits and put an end to your money problems. Some people will ask if they can afford it, but maybe you should ask yourself, Can I afford to not get help from a coach? If you’re trying to get out of debt, other options (like credit counseling and bankruptcy) only manage the symptoms. They don’t change the habits that got you there. And the cost of bankruptcy is more than a financial burden—it’s a stain on your personal record. There’s no better way to establish good money habits than by having a personal money mentor who understands your situation. And sidenote: You should never be ashamed of your financial struggles when working with a coach. They’re here to encourage you. These men and women are trained professionals who work with people from all walks of life and all ranges of income. Whatever you’re going through, it’s okay.
  • Will you set up a payment plan for my coaching fee?
    No—mainly because we don’t want your coach to become your creditor. They’re working to get you out of debt, not deeper in it. Instead, we ask that you always pay your coach in full up front (no credit cards). And remember, nearly all of our coaches offer their first session completely free.
  • What is the difference between Financial Peace University and financial coaching?
    Financial Peace University (FPU) is a nine-week class that teaches the nuts and bolts of Dave Ramsey’s principles. Though financial coaching and FPU are different, they actually go hand-in-hand. In fact, many of our coaches will encourage you to take FPU before or during your sessions with them. Think of it this way: FPU lays the foundation that your coach uses to build a plan for your money.
  • Does Green Akker Financial Coaching work for Dave?
    Not officially. There is a team of coaches in the Ramsey Solutions office, but they support the larger network of us, the Ramsey Preferred Coaches. The Ramsey Preferred Coaches (RPCs) are independent business owners, so our paychecks don’t come from Dave. But we are professional financial coaches who’ve been trained extensively by the Ramsey Solutions team. Every one of the RPCs base their financial advice on the Ramsey principles.
  • How do I get my spouse on board?
    Marriage is not “me”—it’s “we.” Working on your finances together is the only way to succeed when it comes to money. Not only that, many couples find that talking about money actually reduces stress in their marriage. It’s so important, we’ve made it one of our core teachings. If you’re having difficulty getting your spouse on board, let your coach know.
  • How do I prepare for my coaching session?
    The great part about working with a financial coach is that they’ll guide you through every step of the process. But during your first consultation, your coach will ask questions to get to know you—your goals, your dreams, your past, your pain points, etc. So be sure to have your answers ready.
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